Baal Buti Beard Oil

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Baal Buti Beard Oil

Offer price: Rs.1200 MRP:Rs.1500

Baal buti Beard Growth Oil Promotes Mooch & Beard growth faster:- the perfect blend of 100 % natural oils that stimulate the growth of facial hair and nourish your beard. Restores natural moisture, promotes healthy beard growth and keeps your beard and face smelling fresh and clean, no matter the length of your beard. Make your beard more manageable and less frizzy, from the very first use, this beard oil will make your beard soft, shiny and easy to groom with no stray anywhere. This is the best beard softener for men, just a few drops of 100 % pure and natural beard oil daily. This is the best and faster beard growth oil for men's faces. Be a real bearded man - get ready for compliments. Bring out the shine in your beard and let your partner enjoy its softness. 100% natural and unscented - this is a 100% pure natural oil blend, without any artificial fragrance or perfume. Made of pure olive oil, almond oil, argan oil, Fruits oil, Seed oil, vitamin E, clove oil, and rosemary oil. The direction of use - Apply 3-5 Drops on Scalp and skin hair roots, massage gently for a while. For Best Result, use thrice or more weekly. For external use only. So go for Mooch & Dadhi oil for faster beard growth. People also call it "dadhi ugane ka oil" / "dadhi badhane wala tel"..

BEARD GROWTH - Natural ingredients of this oil helps in growing beard much faster than other oils

Baal Buti  Grow Hair Naturally FREE Demo Oil

1. Baal Buti hair oil se aapke baal jhadna matra 5  din mein band ho jate hain
2. Baal Buti hair oil se naye Baal aane mein 1 mahine se lekar 6 mahine tak ka samay lagta hai.
3. Baal Buti hair oil se Baal lambe aur ghane ho jate hain.
4. Baal Buti hair oil se bal majbut aur mote ho jaate Hain.
5. Baal Buti hair oil se balon mein rusi bilkul theek ho jaati hai
6. baal Buti hair oil se safed Baal kale ho jaate Hain balon ko safed hone se bhi rukta hai.
7. Baal Buti hair oil se ganjapan thik ho jata hai.

बाल बूटी हेयर ऑयल सिर की त्वचा में रक्त संचार को तीव्रता से बढ़ाता है। बालो के रूट की 3 फेस में से सबसे महत्वपूर्ण Anagen Phase (Hair Growth Phase) होती है जिसको हमारा यह ऑइल Stimulate करता है जिससे नए बालों को जड़ो से निकाल देता है।



bought it as a gift, user quite happy with product
rinku 24-08-2021

Baal buti beard oil fantastic, was easy to get the right amount out of the bottle, easy to apply on beard and work into it. Left my beard feeling softer. Cant wait to see how it works over a period of several days of application. For the scent and softness alone I would buy this stuff again and again!! Thickness only got 4 stars, probably because mine was warm from being in the delivery vehicle all day. Once it cools down to room temp I am certain it will be just like my other beard oils.
firasat 24-08-2021

Superb packaging, splendid aroma and absolutely fantastic product i am happy
Rajarshi Chatterjee 26-09-2020

Great product!! I have been searching for a good cleanser for my beard for long time and this new brand just amazed me. Its very refreshing and has long lasting minty fragrance. I could feel beard became soft after 1st wash itself. Overall great product and will definitely order again.
Puneet Singh 26-09-2020

the best beard oil for your beard just simply go with this one and try it once.You wont regret. And I am pretty much satisfied with this baalbuti oil
jagatjit 22-09-2020

All natural oil ingredients and suits my beard very well. The fragrance is not too storng but take some time to get used to, but this what I signed for with all natural ingredients.
Jasandeep singh 21-09-2020

I have updated this review after one week of regular usage.. The oil is a feel good essence for beard. I appreciate the fragrance which is deep and mesmerizing.
deepak rajput 21-09-2020

I am using this baal buti beard oil since last one month I am very happy having this product This beard oil helps to keep beard nourish whole day After bath I just take few drops & apply it then whole day beard remains set Even skin dont feel dry it has good smell Best part of it is they provide dropper n spray pump Overall value for money product it is according to me
vikrant gadekar 21-09-2020

i like this beard oil It works for me. It s the best in category of beard growth oil
shahni 19-09-2020

Am Using this product for around 2 months and I observe 10% growth or thickness change. Let me use it for another 4-5 months after that will update
navnit 19-09-2020

Excellent product in best budget. Very helpful for growing dark and thick beard in a very short time . It will surely make you more handsome .
rohit rana 13-08-2020

Great product for the price. Keeps beard soft, smooth and helps to reduce frizzyness and split ends. Price is very less comparatively as other brands cost a fortune. Overall good one. Can buy again.
Lohith Dilipkumar 13-08-2020

It works for me It s the best in category of beard growth oil Always remmeber guys If your genetics are blessed for having a beard and you already have a beard then this beard oil will work on it s best and provide bit of density to your bald spots and patches. And as per now it s price is also dropped so this is best for the price also
S O U M M. 13-08-2020

I would suggest this product 100% within 10 days I can see growth of hair in my beard and mustache. Really wonderful product i never seen before.
Praveen Kumar R 13-08-2020

I have been using the beard oil for the past two weeks now, everyday. Sometimes twice a day, and sometimes only once. The difference can be seen quite clearly, I never got this much growth before. It also makes the itching go away for first time beard growers. I would recommend this product because for people with uneven beard or patchy beard, this is the only hope as of now, remember that it does make a difference.
Ritik tandon 10-08-2020

I bought the product Because After quite an extensive research on the topic I found out This oil has proven to be one of the bests out there I have been Using it for a week now. And as we all know Beard growth takes time so I ll post another Photo of my face after using it for 3-6 months
Saurav Roy 10-08-2020

I was having very little beard on face . So my one friend suggested to use this beardo oil for fast growing your beard . Its a superb product and awesome ...... At first I got more confusion about this product.... I had worried about side effects and etc but at last it done its capacity level......
PraviN PalkAr 10-08-2020

It did show results within 2 weeks.... Am in class 12 and I totally what u can call a "chikna" Having a good hair on scalp and good skin tone.... It does make me handsome but at the same time.... I look like an American with no beard...... But this atleast helped my to grow a little beard... Which is visible..... And atleast am not a chikna now..... So bingo guys go for it
Chv shashank 10-08-2020

This product is so helpful as it helps in making your beard grow longer and thicker the most amazing thing about this product is that you won t feel any kind of heaviness in your beard and it s not greasy like other oils
DAKSH 08-08-2020

I am using this beard oil since one week It helps to increasing and styling my beard Before using this oil my beard was patchy which looks very bad. And this oil is good there is no any side effects Better for all who have patchy beard As of now I m so happy with seller sand Amazon service
YASIR TYAGI 08-08-2020

Well to keep it short I m using it since 2 weeks and it is working for me very well It will make your beard dark from patchy moreover it elongates your beard Trust me after applying beard oil it really prevent itching issues & it prevent your beard from dirt as well I would strongly recommend you buy this product since it s a nourishing product which I guess is a need for everyone
Vivek 08-08-2020

1. Before applying Grandeur oil to the face beard, it is especially important that you wash the facial area thoroughly or you will not attain the desired result. Washing the skin and then pat dry with a clean towel is preferred. The perfect foundation for starting the beard growing process.
Narveer Dahiya 08-08-2020

I started to grow a beard, and was in need of a beard oil. I searched around to find one that was good quality and at a good price.I have used a couple of other products earlier but found some issues with them. Let me tell you, I am pretty happy with this product.
Bodhisattva 08-08-2020

Very good product. Makes beard smooth and manageable after application. Leaves a pleasant scent as well. Easy to use and provides satisfactory results
Mihir 07-08-2020

It s a very good product I had purchased this for my brother and he has been very happy and impressed by this product. I can see results within one week of its purchase Overall I would say it s a value for money product
Akash sharma 07-08-2020

Very nice beard oil.... The smell is so nice.... Happy for on time delivery....
Vishal 07-08-2020

I am using this beard oil regularly and the results are really awesome it moisturises the skin properly and also have awesome scent the best part is it helps in growing the beard
Rajdeep Sinha 06-08-2020

Nice packaging and product delivered yesterday. Smell is good and not so strong. Need to use this everyday atleast two times a day and it may take approximately two to three months to see the changes in beard if it’s really working. Because Good things take time. Will edit and update the review after a month how it works.
ajey singh 06-08-2020

Im really impressed by this beard growth oil and really happy that it has improved my facial hair It is the best product I ve started using it and I m judging improvement in my beard It helps in filling patches on my facial hair and grow my beard
Navin kumar 06-08-2020

This is the best beard oil It has a good fragrance and you dont feel it as greasy after applying to the beard It gives a good hold to the beard I was looking for this kind of oil - because my beard was looking dried and ugly It gives a good nourishment I will definitely recommend this to the buyers Last but not the least - it has no side effects
Prithvi 06-08-2020

I was having very little beard on face . So my one friend suggested to use this beardo oil for fast growing your beard . And guys this is good product . The beard will not come in one day . You have to use it daily n daily . You have to keep patience. i used it only 2 month of continued usage.
Arman khan 06-08-2020

Bought this for my brother who loves his beard alot He was looking out for options to keep his beard fresh and frizz-free saw this product on amazon Bought it and giving it a 5 star as it works as mentioned
Ritesh Palit 06-08-2020

Best packing best ingredients best smell best everything the best beard oil in India hands down dont look at anyother product used soany beard oil but this one is the best
Jishanjit Roy 06-08-2020

Oil has very nice fragrance. My beard gets soft after use and natural shine it gives. Overall ingredients are all good and chemicals free. Must buy.
rahul 06-08-2020

Classic packeging... Amber glass bottle... with dropper... Oil has a good spreadibility.. the fragrence is a bit un usual at the very start..but with time u ll start liking it .. I have used half of the bottle .. and i must say it works really well.. Keeps the beard soft for almost 4 hrs ... has a good natural shine .. It really helped me in filling patches near my moustache area and made my beard evenly thick and healthy..
Kush Gautam 06-08-2020

nice product
manoj kumar 03-06-2020